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Real Name: Katie
Followers: 6189
Birth Date: Jan. 21, 1977
Age: 41
Sex: Trans
Interested In: Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Last Broadcast: 2 weeks ago
Language(s): English
Body Type: slim
Smoke / Drink: no/no
Body Decorations: hickies and tan lines
About Me: Hello I normally get to go on Fri and Sat nights starting at 10pm and run till i get to cold.I hope to see you again. I have not been on this site long. But i see that there are lots of wonderful people, all looking for someone to spend some time with. Since i get many of the same questions, i thought i would put some of the answers in here.Not that i am tired of talking about myself, but its also a sign that i feel the love from the people on here, and want to be open a bit more.And those that have watched, know that i am very open. Thank you all to those that like to speculate about my age.But, since i am looking to meet local people, for what ever positive things can happen, its also best if i am honest about my age.But thank you all for thinking i am 25-30. Love all of you. Yes, i am single. And looking.I am 5'9" 130 on average. (working to lower that to 120) I am NE philly.i know PA, does not narrow down the area, and when i need locals, i hope this helps. I am looking to meet people, but need to talk a bit, and see a picture before hand. They can be clothed, just remember, first impressions. I am on here for fun, chat, and maybe meeting people.Local or otherwise, i want to include people in my life.They have been excluded for far to long.I love the tips, and the help that i get, allowing me to pay for the things i need just to feel more like myself.These things are expensive.there is voice surgery and tracheal shave that i want.At 7,200$Update- my appointment for surgery is now jan 28th.Thank all of you that helped reduce the burden of cost for this part.Just need to nail down what exactly i will be getting done. And Srs that doubt my health insurance will pay, and that can be around 25,000$.So, i will take all the help i can get.But its more about people.Those that help me realize my goal, will always be in my heart.And the compliments, conversation, and the sharing, will help fill my soul.So thank all of you, that have shared in either.Thank all of you for watching me.And thank you, for allowing me into your lives.U may think its something simple.But something like cooking dinner with someone, or walking the dog hand in hand with a guy can be very powerful emotion when you never had that company before. So, you warm my heart, and my soul, and you gave me something i never felt was possible.Self confidence, and hope. I hope to hear from all of you that will.Katie If you like to see me in something special you can help me out and expand my cuteness. By checking out my wish list.Tips allow me to get closer to who i see in the mirror when my eyes are closed.Wish list items get me closer to all of you.Thank you for either.https: // ist/23TVPAIX9GXUM/ref=cm_sw_em_r_z_g_w b https: //
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