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Hello Indie!
Real Name: indigoink
Followers: 1722
Birth Date: Jan. 2, 1958
Age: 60
Sex: Trans
Interested In: Women, Trans
Location: midwest, United States
Last Broadcast: 2 days ago
Language(s): English
Body Type: slim
Smoke / Drink: mmmmm
Body Decorations: none
About Me: Hello All! My name is indigoink! My friends refer to me as "indie". I am more inclined to chat with people who have taken the time to read my bio. It shows interest and sensitivity as well as respect. I answer almost all questions asked. I answer all of them honestly. Don't be afraid to ask. If I feel it's not your business, I will politely let you know. Fair may be a bit lengthy, but covers a lot of the questions I get asked on a regular basis by my guests. Nice to see a picture of you also! I understand a lot of you are bashful. We'll work on that! I am not a transsexual as described above, as I am not using hormones or any other therapy to change my sexual identity, biologically. I AM a cross-dresser because I consider myself very gender fluid. I've been in the closet for so long I've adapted, and now I can actually be out and be myself! How cool is that?!?!?!?!We truly are a misunderstood group. Kisses to you all who like girls like myself and to all of you who don't judge us and can be a little supportive! We love you! In case you all haven't noticed, I have an unusual penchant for heels, particularly coupled with a nice long set of legs. I love women, so it is them, the ones who have made the biggest impression on me, and who I aspire to emulate when en femme.. I'm up to thirty four pair in the past 20 months, mostly 5 inch, almost all peep toed. Very forties! Some are featured in my bio pics. My legs are forty-one inches from bare heel to hip. I try to be alluring thru a sense of fashion, and not giving away too much! Less IS more! The guys seem to like it! Listen up girls! I give dangling classes, too! If you have to ask what dangling is, then it won't matter! My signature anklet and indigoink's trademark, my bow, is my tribute to the impact that this tiny little accent has made in women's fashion and lingerie! They're a subtly ubiquitous and often overlooked (or taken for granted entirely), fashion ICON! I adore them! BTW, I have an eye on a new ribbon and rhinestoned anklet with diamonds instead of rhinestones! Mine is sitting in my jewelry box until I get the money to buy one on that design. As all of you who know me already know, I am never on cam without my anklet. It's been a bit customized to fit my monster ankles! You can be part of the persona that IS indigoink and contribute to the purchase of this most personal extension of why I am who and what I am. The anklet is $1000.00 including a strong and feminine chain with excellent clasps. Several of my longtime chat room guests, friends & supporters, along with a number of others who have inquired about this piece suggested I add it to my wish list, so here it is! Just throwing it out there if anyone is interested, although it's not why I'm here. Anyway... All tokens I earn here will be used to make that purchase. If it takes me 20 years, it will be made solely by tokens earned on Chaturbate! Cause to celebrate then, and may have to make it a contest with the biggest contributor to get a prize, like, maybe being the guy who puts it on my ankle the first time. Mmm... better get to work on THAT, eh? Otherwise, I have a good sense of humor, albeit dark and/or sometimes a bit morbid. NO PATIENCE or TOLERANCE for the rude,vulgar or obnoxious, much less the ill-mannered, abusive or demanding. IF YOU DEMAND OR ORDER ME TO DO or SHOW SOMETHING, YOU BETTER TOKEN UP OR GTFO. Tokens are only a value of a nickel each, so don't insult me. I "show" plenty when I'm on my cam at MY leisure, for free, NOT at your demand or order. I cam for free to you. I'm here to relax just like you. Don't ask me to work. I'm a cross dresser, not a stripper. My guests are the most precious to me, so I will ban idiots at my discretion. Simple. All intelligent women. Intelligent women have a beauty that far exceeds any external appearance. A passable and intelligent transgender or any hermaphrodite. That all goes double for the latter, also. Will explain later if you ask. My new anklet! Hahaha! Of course. This IS a WISH LIST, isn't it? hahaha! More cute shoes in my size! (Size12 if you must know)! Men, while I love you all! You're my biggest fans and I wouldn't trade any of you for all the tea in China. Well, maybe for ALL the tea in China! Hahaha! A portion of the reason I do what I do is because of and FOR you (men)! I just don't make a habit of sleeping with you. As a Cross Dresser, not a Stripper...women and Transgenders are still my first choice and what I would be interested in. No offense. On the other side of that, Being a male, I know what I look for in the way a woman presents herself. Her style, posture, etiquette, femininity. I try to emulate that respectfully. Being a viewer also, I wasn't finding what I was looking for so I drew upon my alter persona, indigoink. Apparently there are a lot of you guys who are looking for the same thing! I try to present that to you, mischievously, and alluringly. Thanks for reading if you've read this far! If you want to get my attention as a male, don't make your cock the first vision I have of you. Never recognize you at an airport THAT way! Hahaha! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be a gentleman. If you refer to me in any form of BB, babe, baby, baby girl, mommy, mom or any other form involving baby or momma anything, you may be banned without warning. I have a name, learn to use a variety of IT! e.g. indigo, indie, indigoink, I, etc... ...anything but baby...! Thank you all if you've read this far. Enjoy the pix & movie(s)!XOXOXOXO!indigoink
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